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Miles Thompson

Technical Architect

Developer, artist, startup founder, technical architect and five year CTO of the leading independent financial research provider in NYC.

20+ years stellar experience as developer, technical architect, co-founder, team player and technical lead.

Current Projects (2019)


If you know of a project that may be of mutual interest, please get in touch.

BSc Hons I, Math

1995, University of Otago, NZ
First Class Honours (Summa cum laude)

BA, Sociology

1994, University of Canterbury, NZ
Bachelor of Arts

Co-inventor Medical Patent


Certified Scrum Master


2018 Achievements


Research and development for undisclosed client

  • Bayesian modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Distributed systems

Research and development into resilient coordination protocols in distributed, unreliable environments.


Kōrero Māori

  • Deep learning / machine learning
  • Python, Tensorflow, AWS

Working with iwi group TeHiku.NZ I led the machine learning effort to train models and build an API for the world's most accurate automated speech recognition (ASR) system for Te Reo Māori. When presented at language conferences in Oxford and Cambridge senior developers from Mozilla described themselves as "shocked and amazed" at the high accuracy of our model.


Leap Box

  • Mechatronics
  • Smart Contracts
  • Design

Leapbox is a lock box controlled by a customizable smart contract or app. I'm acting as co-inventor, co-founder, scrum master and developer on this team.

Deep PBR

  • Machine Learning
  • VR/AR
  • Python, Tensorflow, AWS

Working with the VR pioneers at RealityVirtual I designed, trained and deployed a new machine learning pipeline and API for creating virtual reality assets (displacement maps, normals and the like) from regular SLR photographs.

As of early 2019 this project has secured significant interest from multiple investors.

Paekākāriki Online

  • Web design
  • Project leadership
  • CSS, HTML, SCSS, PHP, Custom WordpressTheme and Plugins

Working with local community groups I helped coordinate and was the primary developer for a website to represent the community where I live - Paekākāriki, NZ. This features a services directory, calendar, radio station, forums and information for tourists as well as photo essays and other content front and center.

A love letter to the town in which I live, produced in collaboration with Mark Amery, Holly Jane Ewens, Catherine Adam Design and many, many others. Visit Paekākāriki.NZ

Paeakakariki NZ


The great outdoors: algorithmic theater

  • Text processing
  • Machine learning
  • Theater!

I created the text for Annie Dorsen's 2017 theater piece The Great Outdoors (in collaboration with Marcel Schwittlick).

This work involved building a system to harvest text from recent comments on the internet, measure the textual entropy of that text, and select it out in various ways to fit the aesthetics of the piece. Developing the algorithm collaboratively with Annie Dorsen was a truly fascinating and wonderful experience. Working at this level in theater was another awesome treat for me. I wrote the project up as a talk for a machine learning meetup, the slides of which are below.

View slides from the talk

Glitchaus: Data knits

  • Data processing
  • Glitch Art
  • Fashion

Over some years I have collaborated with Jeff Donaldson, one of the early protagonists of the Glitch-Art movement and creator of the Glitchaus fashion brand on his data-knits project. Amongst other things, I created a tool that he can use to take any binary and prepare it for physical projection into woven or knit textile form. Jeff used the program to prepare work for his Bauhaus collection as well as other pieces.

Check out @glitchaus on twitter.

Earlier Work

Technical Leadership

As technical and team lead I have delivered many successful technology projects from the both vendor and client side.

As Chief Technology Officer at CreditSights I built an effective team of developers and technology professionals. Moving back to NZ to act as a Technical Architect and sometime Scrum Master I have been an advocate and practitioner of agile for many years. As a founder of various non profit ventures I have experience with recruiting and motivating small teams on limited budgets. As a contracting programmer for many years before that I honed my skills in programming and technical leadership to a senior level.

Whatever the situation, whether vendor or client, my philosophy is to ensure there is a crystal clear vision and goal for the project. With clear goals and well supported team members, success generally comes with ease. My references will attest to the successes of this straightforward approach over many years.

Business Leadership

As an IT executive at CreditSights I ensured all the critical systems that were needed by a fast growing, early stage company - from accounting and sales to business intelligence dashboards, server infrastructure and desktop support across multiple offices. Over many years, even after stepping down from CTO and returning to NZ, I have had a strategic level input to the design and vision for our flagship financial products. The "points of difference" that continue to make CreditSights a leader in its field, point to my success in these areas.

In New Zealand I experienced the lean startup methodology close up. I have good, on the ground experience of building small teams towards success, even in a social enterprise context. The successes in my roles as founder at Tradeify Ltd, Hashmapd Ltd and as project lead for the Autism 360 and GroundFacts non-profit projects attest to this.

Data Science, Python, Machine learning

I have had a long standing interest in Machine Learning and data science and an intention to focus my efforts more in this area going forwards. As a co-founder at Hashmapd I developed a production deep learning based system way back in 2014 (now available as open source). In 2017 I built multiple pure python as well as Python + Spark data processing pipelines for unstructured text as well as for structured financial data within my work at CreditSights and as part of my theater work.

Senior C# / Microsoft.Net developer

I have stayed 'hands on' as an active programmer throughout my career, and had the opportunity to focus much more on these areas after returning to New Zealand to work remotely. As a senior and experienced developer I understand everything C# pretty well - from the latest .Net Core API stack to knowing the level of support for R within the next version of SQL Server (it needs work). In short I know my reference types from my readonly structs and I can design and build a system where your async threads will patiently await the fulfilment of their promises to allow high performance computation and scalability.


I started out as a web developer and still have CSS and HTML in my programming blood. More recently, I have extensive hands on experience with the the JS/Node stack (and associated tools) but can work easily across a range of web technologies. For instance, I have created many PHP/Wordpress custom themes and websites when that is the best solution for the customer's problem.

As far as recent front end frameworks go I am most familiar with Angular but have also recently worked on a project delivering an API to a React front end.

Cloud Infrastructure / Dev Ops

I am familiar with and have delivered solutions for both Azure and AWS and am comfortable deploying CI and Docker based systems that scale across multiple machines.